Ivan Vyrypaev

Ivan Vyrypaev
Director, screenwriter, producer, actor
Born in Irkutsk in 1974.

Graduated from the Irkutsk Theatre School, then studied in the Shchukin Theatre Institute in Moscow.
Ivan Vyrypaev lives in the Polish capital of Warsaw.

He works and stages his plays in Russia, Europe and the United States.

From 2013–2016, he directed the Praktika Contemporary Drama Theatre in Moscow.

From 2019–2021, he served as head producer of Okko Theatre in Moscow.

Currently, he is the co-owner and head producer of the WEDA PROJECT theatre company in Warsaw.

He has written and directed films (Salvation, Delhi Dance, Euphoria and Oxygen), short films (Promoted Content and To Feel) and teleplays (Entertainment, UFO, and World of Beautiful Butterflies).

He has received awards at the Venice Film Festival, the Golden Mask Festival, Nika, Kinotavr, the Contact International Festival (Poland), the New Drama Festival, the Triumph Festival, the Hope of Russian Drama Festival, the Stuckemarkt International Contemporary Drama Festival in Heidelberg (Germany) and others.

S. Osipyan graduated Higher Courses for screenwriters and directors (Course of Aleksandr Kaydanovsky, Moscow).

In 1994, Sergey staged the play «White nights» based on the novel by F. M. Dostoevsky at the «New End Theatre» in London.

In 1996, he took a part as a Director of the film version, in the project «In the first circle» of the novel by A. Solzhenitsyn.

Since 1997 worked in directorate of the film programs at the First Russian national TV channel.
«Siberia», 2023 (Pre-production)
«UFO», 2020
«Entertainment», 2020
«Spasenie», 2015
«Delhi dance», 2021
«Writer», 2008
«Euphoria», 2006
All plays written by Ivan you can find here https://vyrypaev.com