Violetta Krechetova
Founder of AddressFilm, producer
V. Krechetova graduated Russian State University of Cinematography named after Gerasimov (VGIK), Film studies faculty.
2000-2003 Violetta worked as a line producer in Focus Films company, advertising and music video production, TV programs.
2003-2004 she worked as a brand-manager in a film magazine «Action!»
Since 2004 she engages in production of feature films and advertising.

«UFO», 2020, Director Ivan Vyrypaev
«Entertainment», 2020, Director Ivan Vyrypaev
«Portrait of a stranger» (Portret neznakomsa), Director S. Osipyan, 2020. Post-production. The film was shot with the joint participation of VTB bank (PAO), with financial support by Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation.
«Great poetry» (Bolshaya poeziya), Director A. Lungin, 2019
The film was shot with the joint participation of OKKO online cinema.
«Bratstvo», 2018, Directors P. Lungin/ A. Lungin, executive producer.
«Znaesh, mama, gde ya byl?», (documentary film, Director L. Gabriadze)
«Lunatiki», 2006, (shorts, Director S. Osipyan, AddressFilm)
Participant of 27th Kinotavr Film Festival
«Delhi dance», 2012 (Director Ivan Vyrypaev, AddressFilm)
Participant of International Film Festival in Rome.
«Act of nature» (Yavleniye prirody), 2010, (Director S. Osipyan, A. Lungin, AddressFilm)
Prizewinner «Best cinematography award» of 21st Kinotavr Film Festival
«Vykrutasy», 2010, (Director L. Gabriadze, Bazelevs), executive producer
«Dobrovolets», 2010, (Director E. Boyakov, R. Malikov, Praktika), co-producer
«Moscow 2017», 2009, budgeting, (A.Dulerayn, J. Bradshow «Peace to the world»), executive producer
«The guy from Mars» (Paren s Marsa), 2007, (Director S. Osipyan, Tvindi), executive producer
«Dead daughters» (Myortvye docheri), 2006, (Director P. Ruminov, «Central Partnership»), executive producer
«Nochnoi prodavets», 2004, (director V. Rozhnow, STB), administrative group.

Violetta consulted foreign companies and their representative offices on film production.