Daria Karagodina
Production manager
Graduate of GITIS (producing, 2007-2012).

- 2019 - currently Addressfilm, production manager.

- 2014-2018 MHAT School, apprentice and teacher of practical classes on the course of A.M. Vorobyov (production department, graduation 2014-2019).

- 2015-2018 ANO PKO "Studio 711", founder and general manager.

- 2009-2018 Fomenko Theatre, International department.

- Youtube project «Mam, Ya postupil» Studio 711, 8 episodes (Director A. Goryainova)

- Short film «Proezdom» (Director I. Grigaliunas)

- Documentary for Youtube «Budu akterom» Studio 711 (Director A. Goryainova)

- Documentary «Oleg Lvovich Kudryashov», 4 episodes.

Around theatrical projects
- «Gravity» (Prityazheniye) the first Russian synthesis-festival of classical music.

- «Theater DNA» 140th anniversary of GITIS, exhibition&performance in MOMA.

- «Dozhd Neukeln» (Director P. Zolotovitskaya) play at Praktika theater (co-producer G. Dobrygina)

- Family theater festival «Ya tozhe tak mogu!» (August 2018)

- Play&concert «Vstrechi. V prostranstve rasstavani» Poets and actresses of the 20-30s (Director S. Zemlyakova).

- Play «Henry IV» (Director K. Pirogov).

- Music band «LosiKenguru»